Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Discussed

During My Listing Presentations

 1. We were thinking of listing with “X” company:

I understand your concern; choosing the right company to list with may seem like a great importance, but keep in mind, it’s not a company that sells real estate, rather it’s an individual agent and the approach they take to generate activity that is important.

2. What do you do to sell properties: what sets you apart from the others:

In real estate there are two types of agents; passive or active: I am an active agent. My team and I are dedicated to actively marketing your property to the public along with other agents in the area. You want someone who will work actively and aggressively to get your property sold as outlined in my Plan of Action.

3.  Are you willing to reduce your commission? Another agent was willing to do so:

I can appreciate your concern pertaining to the commission. Other agents may be willing to reduce their commission believing that in doing so they stand apart from their competition, or maybe they simply lack the knowledge and negotiation skills to get a property sold. I personally do not feel it would be acceptable to do so.  If other agents do not have the courage to stand behind their percentage from the sale, how strong would they be in defending the price you have set for your property? I believe in myself, my team, and my work in selling your home.

4. We want to save commission by selling the property ourselves:

While you may save the commission by selling the property yourself, are you aware of how many properties are currently for sale on the market now and how many actually sold last month – not including how many come on the market every day? Fact is, only 2% of FSBO sell themselves while the remaining 98% are sold by professional realtors. Can you really afford a 2% chance of selling?

5. Another agent said they could get me more money for my property:

The possibility of receiving a larger amount from the sale of your property is a great concern for every seller, yet an agent that will over price your property is not being honest with you as to the current market value for similar properties. Such agents are simply eager to take a new listing now and begin beating you up over the price week after week causing the value of your property to further diminish. I will be honest with you from day one as to what it will take to sell your property now.

6. I have a friend in the business:

Almost everyone has a friend in the business, but may I ask you, do you absolutely want to sell this property of are you just looking to do a friend a favor? As the saying goes, one should never mix business with friends.

7. We want to think it over:

Selling your property with an agent is a big decision, especially if your previous agent failed to get your property sold. I put together this informational packet to show you my capabilities, achievements, background, and most importantly, what makes my team and I the most successful – we have what it takes to get you from “For Sale” to “Sold”. I urge you to go ahead and sign the contract with me today contingent upon approval within 24 hours, meaning you have 24 hours with no pressure to decide. If after 24 hours you decide I am not the right agent for you, no problem. I will rip up the contract with no obligations to you.

How Does a Purchaser Determine Value

Value is determined by the price of the property – in relationship to the features of the property – compared to the other properties sold and listed for sale that are similar to yours.

For example, if you were going to purchase a new car, one dealership has the car that you want priced at $20,000. The next day, you saw the same car at another dealership also priced at $20,000 but it is the upgraded version with leather seats, special wheels and a great stereo system.

Which car is more valuable? The upgraded version- of course. It is the product with better features, for the same price. Now, what if the first dealership lowered their price to $15,000? What Car is now a better value? Less features with a much lower price.

So to increase value either (A) lower the price or (B) have more features at the same cost as other properties without those features. This is what establishes value in real estate.

Unless you are planning to add more features and benefits to your property, price is the only issue that will determine the value of your property.